Vrouwen Die Sporten

VROUWEN DIE SPORTEN ABOUT CREDITS ABOUT Vrouwen Die Sporten. For women by women, an initiative by Jansien van Dijk to create a community where women can easily meet a sports buddy. This creative film was made in collaboration with Jansien. CREDITS Written & Directed: Frederik BandstraProduced: Frederik BandstraCamera: Amar van DijkEdited: Frederik Bandstra < PREVIOUS NEXT […]

Poes In De Mand 2022

POES IN DE MAND 2022 ABOUT CREDITS ABOUT It is a small effort to protect meadow bird chicks: keeping the cat indoors at night. Give them some food and then lock the cat flap or close the barn door. This is necessary in the spring because many vulnerable chicks fall victim to domestic and farm cats. ‘Chicks in […]

Poes In De Mand 2021

POES IN DE MAND 2021 ABOUT CREDITS ABOUT “Chicks in the country, kitty in the basket!” Emiel’s voice blares through the speakers. Together with Gurbe he is on his way in Fryslân. They drive through the villages calling on people to keep the cat inside at night. ‘It is a small effort people to protect meadow birds!’ With the slogan […]

Poes In De Mand 2020

POES IN DE MAND 2020 ABOUT CREDITS ABOUT Cats hunt at night. As a cat owner, you are not aware that your house or farm cat is roaming for miles through the meadows. She instinctively also takes chicks from meadow birds, which are already having such a hard time. The birds do not see the danger coming in […]

Storevan Nederland

STOREVAN NEDERLAND ABOUT CREDITS ABOUT This video introduces you in 1 minute to the versatility and robust character of the StoreVan Bedrijfswageninrichtingen. More information: www.storevannederland.nl or call t. 088 1301 400. CREDITS Written & Directed: Amar van DijkProduced: Frederik BandstraCamera: Amar van DijkEdited: Amar van DijkGaffer: Christiaan Ettema < PREVIOUS NEXT >